Analysis on the application status of construction scaffolding


  Broadly speaking, in China, it is generally erected around a building or structure under construction to facilitate the construction or external decoration of construction workers and auxiliary construction facilities for stacking construction materials during operation. The temporary support system erected for the fixed formwork during the pouring process is collectively referred to as the construction scaffolding system. In a narrow sense, scaffolding generally refers only to the former. Unless otherwise specified, the term "scaffolding" as used in the book refers to the construction scaffolding system in a broad sense.

  The technological advancement and innovation of scaffolding is in harmony with the development of the social economy and the construction industry. The towering clouds and the world-famous Guta Zhansha also confirm the advanced level of ancient Chinese scaffolding application technology. China is the birthplace of bamboo and wood scaffolding. Until the 1960s, wood and bamboo scaffolding were mainly used in China"s construction. Due to its economic advantages, it is still more in China, especially in the south and Hong Kong. The use of bamboo and wooden scaffolding. In the 1970s. With the development of the steel industry and the national economy, China has put forward the slogan “To replace the wood with steel” in the construction and construction industry, which has promoted the technological progress and innovation of the formwork and scaffolding. From the 1960s to the mid-1980s, fastener-type steel scaffolding was widely promoted and applied.7. At the end of the decade, China first introduced and began to build factories to produce door-type steel pipe scaffolding. In the mid-1980s, China"s Ministry of Railways professionally set up the institute to absorb the advantages of British cuplok scaffolding and door-type steel scaffolding. The bowl-shaped steel pipe scaffold was successfully developed. At the same time, new scaffolding for high-rise building construction, tool-type, mobile scaffolding and scaffolding rod fittings for indoor and outdoor decoration and equipment installation work are all used in the construction of formwork support frames, composite columns and derricks. Development. After entering the 1990s, the proportion of high-rise buildings and towering structures in construction projects has expanded rapidly. At the same time, construction scaffolding has placed higher demands on safety, reliability, speed and economy. Attached lifting scaffolds began to The construction market has emerged and has grown rapidly.

  Construction fastener construction attached lifting scaffolding is only required to set a certain height and attached to the high-rise and super high-rise engineering structure through the attached supporting structure. It has anti-overturning and fall prevention devices, and relies on its own lifting equipment and equipment. Climb up to the structural cap, which can then be used to meet the requirements of the exterior wall decoration work to achieve the sub-layered auxiliary scaffolding. It can meet the construction process when the workers are working outside the building during the construction stage, construction, decoration and construction. And security protection needs. It was developed on the basis of picking, hanging and hanging scaffolding in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is a new type of scaffolding suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings, especially super high-rise buildings. According to the scaffolding climbing method, the attached lifting scaffold can be divided into the following categories: mutual climbing attached lifting scaffolding, casing type attached lifting scaffolding, cantilever attached lifting scaffolding, rail type attached lifting scaffolding, guide type attached lifting scaffolding and Combination applications between them, and so on. According to the scaffolding method, the attached lifting scaffolds can be divided into the following categories: single-piece attached lifting scaffolding. Multi-piece attached lifting scaffolding. Integrated attached lifting scaffolding. According to the lifting device of the scaffolding, the attached lifting scaffold can be divided into the following categories: chain hoist-type attached lifting scaffolding, electric chain hoist-type attached lifting scaffolding, hoist-type attached lifting scaffolding, hoist-mounted lifting scaffolding. Hydraulic type Attach the lifting scaffolding.