Non-standard screw source


  Non-standard screws are screw products that are not specified. For example, clothes and shoes in life are produced according to a set of standard sizes. Such as M code. If the size you want is not the standard for this type of regulation, it is called non-standard. Another example is the industry"s large number of standard products, such as screws. It only has M6, M7 two sizes of products, if you have to do a M6.5, it is a non-standard screw.

  There are many varieties of non-standard screws. At present, there is no very standardized classification. Generally, enterprises are independently developed according to market needs and their own brand development and extending the vitality of products. Hexagon bolts Nanjing Feilong Fastener Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the production of non-standard screws of various specifications since its establishment. Using advanced production technology and sophisticated manufacturing technology to provide you with a full range of non-standard screw products, your non-standard screws are no longer used.