Construction and requirements of fastener type steel pipe rack


  Fastener steel pipes are available in double row and single row configurations. The requirements are as follows:

  1 Set up a fastener-type steel pipe rack. When the erection height is more than seven steps, cross braces must be provided. The cross braces are set at the corners, ends and along the longitudinal direction of the fastener-type steel pipe shelf every 30m. The bottom of the steel pipe rack is arranged continuously from the bottom to the top, and the cross braces are at an angle of 45°-60° with the horizontal direction, and the bottom pair of cross braces are to be grounded.

  2 To build a fastener-type steel pipe rack with a height of more than three steps, a wall pole must be provided. The practice of connecting the wall pole is to lengthen the small crossbar, and the outer wall of the deep-skinned house is tied to the wall.

  3 operating layer of fastener type steel truss shelf 1. The long railing should be set along the outer pole of the shelf.

  4 When the fastener-type steel pipe rack is placed at the side passage of the door, the poles and the large crossbar of some shelves should be empty, and two steel pipes should be added for the splayed arrangement, the splayed and the empty poles and the large horizontal The rods are connected by fasteners so that the upper load is transmitted to the ground through the splay.

  5 When arranging a single-row fastener-type steel pipe rack at the window run, a short steel pipe should be added on the outside of the hole, and the small cross bar and the short steel pipe are connected by fasteners.