Construction fasteners brief description of scaffolding erection and use requirements


  Scaffolding should meet the requirements of workers" operations, material stacking and transportation. The width is generally 1.5-2 m, the height of each step is 1.2-1.4 m, and the construction load on the outer scaffolding must not exceed 3 kN/m2. Scaffolding should have sufficient strength and rigidity, should be covered, stabilized, and must not have a short board. Excessive external scaffolding and steel scaffolding shall be provided with lightning protection grounding devices, and a safety net shall be provided on the outside.

  The basic requirements for scaffolding are: reasonable structure, firm and stable, structurally knotted, reliable support, no settlement, deformation, shaking, instability; and easy to set up, dismantle and transport, can be used for long-term turnover. In addition, consideration should be given to the need for multi-story, cross-over and multi-sport operations to reduce the number of detachments; it should also be adapted to vertical transport facilities and floor operations to ensure that materials are transported horizontally from safe to vertical.

  After the scaffolding is set up, it must be strictly checked and accepted. In the period of use, it is necessary to strengthen inspection to prevent local instability and overall instability, resulting in personal safety accidents.